Multi-Functional Massage Roller

Your feet carry the weight of the world

During an average day of walking, the force on your feet can total hundreds of tons - equivalent to a fully loaded cement truck. When your feet are pained or are out of alignment, the rest of your body follows suit. The Natural Chemistries Foot Massage Roller delivers the same therapeutic effects of a deep-tissue massage, in the privacy of your home and at much less cost. Molded to complement the soles of the feet, numerous nubs on the surface of the roller provide a kneading effect to promote circulation and alleviate aches & pains.

Not only for feet! 

The SLB Foot Muscle Roller can be used to roll out any sore muscles. Use on your quads, hamstrings, calves, shoulders, back, arms and neck! 

This is the perfect tool for athletes - Use it while stretching to roll out painful knots and pressure points. 

Stick it in the Freezer! For added relief and more effective recovery, stick your SLB Foot Muscle Roller in the freezer before rolling. The silicone and steel core will keep the roller cold for a 10-15 minute rolling session and provide cold therapy for sore and painful muscles.

Multi-Functional Massage Roller

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