300mL Essential Oil Diffuser
  • Get a 300mL essential oil diffuser.
  • Designed to help with insomnia, anxiety, insects and peace of mind amongst others.
  • Features no less than seven colour lights to enhance a soothing and relaxing feel.
  • Includes timer setting for continuous output of up to 10hours.
  • Dimensions: Capacity 300ml - Diameter 6.6 in - Height 5.75 in - Weight 14.4oz.
  • Ideal to humidify and refresh air with your favourite essential oils.

Perfect way of refreshing and purifying your air and making it healthy, the 300mL essential oil diffuser is the ideal home accessory to add to your daily life. Designed to help with different areas of everyday life, from insects to insomnia to anxiety, you can even use the timer setting to enjoy the benefits of the diffuser for up to 10 hours. The seven colours of lights enhance the feel of a relaxing and soothing atmosphere. Ideal to be used in a bedroom, a bathroom, or even a spa room, the diffuser is the next piece you need in your living space…

300mL Essential Oil Diffuser

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