Advanced High Pressure Shower Head
  • Get a powerful clean advanced high pressure shower.
  • Aims to increase water speed beyond typical faucet pressure.
  • LUV current-limiting technology helps reduce water usage.
  • Contains super-fine holes to help spread water over a wider surface area.
  • Hassle-free installation - easily connected by hand.

If your shower is being a bit of a drip and you want to turn up the pressure there's no need to gut your bathroom, thanks to this nifty little gadget. This shiny tool is able to increase water pressure, and with super fine holes for an even and well-spread wash you'll feel like you're in a power shower! It even reduces water-usage for those environmentally conscious folks out there. All that, plus it's easy to set up and be mounted to your shower, connecting both arms to the hose. Amazing!

Advanced High Pressure Shower Head

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