4 Tyre Valve Pressure-Check Caps
  • Get a set of four tyre valve pressure-check caps with light indicators!
  • Changes colour to indicate when tyre pressure is below a safe level or at optimum level.
  • Avoid premature wear or blowout from under-inflated tyres.
  • Travel safely everytime.
  • Enjoy road trips and long drives without taking roundabout steps to check your tyre pressure.
  • Shows three colours to alert you, with green for optimum, amber for low and red for dangerously low!

Tyred of repairs? Fitting any standard size tyre valve, these handy pressure-check caps change colour to alert you when your tyre pressure is below a safe level to drive. If they're showing green, you're good to go - if they're yellow or red the pressure is down by approximately five or 10 pounds. Install them and rest easy for your next road trip!

4 Tyre Valve Pressure-Check Caps

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