Ankle Compression Support Wrap
  • Get yourself an ankle compression support wrap!
  • Easy to use, with criss-cross Velcro strapping for adjustable fit.
  • Not too thick to fit in your shoes, but still thick enough to protect your ankle.
  • Made using high-quality elastic nylon, with a silicone lining for a comfy, secure fit.
  • Protect against chronic ankle strain, sprains and fatigue!
  • Choose from blue, white and orange colours!

Want to protect dodgy joints? Set off on the right foot with today’s deal! You’ll get an ankle compression support wrap, an easy to use support for protect against chronic ankle strain, sprain and fatigue! This wrap is easy to use, with a criss-cross Velcro strap fastening for an adjustable and comfortable fit. It’s made using high-quality, breathable elastic nylon, that’s not too thick to fit in your shoes, but still thick enough to offer protection and support, with a soft silicone lining for a comfy and secure fit. Better yet, as it’s fully adjustable, it’s one size fits all! It comes in a smart black with colour accents - choose from blue, white or orange colour accents. Perfect!

Ankle Compression Support Wrap

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