Sliding Wrapping Paper Cutter
  • Get a fantastic sliding wrapping paper cutter.
  • No need for any sharp scissors or jagged edges.
  • Cut paper in a clean, smooth and efficient way.
  • Flexible design for use on any size roll of paper!
  • Make your Christmas present wrapping easier.
  • Choose from blue, black or white colours.

Invite some speed and efficiency into your Christmas present wrapping with a fantastic sliding cutter. This easy-to-use cutter slots around your roll of wrapping paper, you pull out the amount of paper you need, then you simply slide the cutter forward for a neat and smooth cut. Featuring a slot with a safe and embedded blade for the paper to rest in, this is an efficient tool that you won’t want to be without. It has a flexible design so it can fit over any size roll of wrapping paper, and it can also be left on the roll to keep the unused paper from rolling open. Choose from blue, black or white colours and see the instructions below…

Here is how it works step by step:

  • Slide the wrapping paper cutter over the wrapping paper roll.
  • Pull a sheet of paper through the larger slot in the device to your desired length.
  • Slide the cutter to the end of the roll, allowing the paper to drop into the slot where the blade is embedded.
  • Gently push the cutter forward to cleanly cut the paper.
  • Once the slice is complete, simply bring the cutter back to the center of the roll. It doubles as an organizer! Your paper will not roll away or become unorganized.

Sliding Wrapping Paper Cutter

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