Car Windscreen Wiper Repair Tool
  • 1.Extend the Service Life of the Windshield Wiper Several Times
  • 2.A Necessary Item in Car, Safe to Drive with it Especially at Rainy Night
  • 3.Well-Made Masonry Grinding Board, Polish the Windshield Wiper Back and Forth, Making the Wiper Blade Just Like a New One
  • 4.Windshield Wiper Repair Tool Length:7 cm , Height:3 cm, Wide:3 cm, Weight:0.1 kg
  • Note: This wiper repair use metal file to polished the wiper blade,polished fine burrs. It can not repair severely damaged wiper blades. If your wiper blade is damaged severely, please replace with a new wiper blade

    There are 2 advantages to using filers.
    1.Soft effect, protect the original wiper blade. Cutting wiper blades need the user's operation requirements. Uneven intensity is easy to make the wiper blade not neat, increased wiper damage. File more suitable for ordinary users.

    2. After repeated use, the cutting blade is no longer sharp, increasing the cutting difficulty. It is easy to appear streaks when you cutting it . When file is no longer sharp, polished more times be able to achieve the initial results.

    Using methods
    1.lift the windshield wiper, clean the dust on the rubber wiper blade with wet cloth
    2.Put the renew tool in water (using washing liquor has better performance)
    3.Put the wiper blade on the guide groove of the renew tool, use appropriate strength and speed to polish the rubber blade back and forth
    4.Polish it good or not: use your finger to slide on the rubber blade, if you feel the blade is sharp and not rough, this means you have polished it in a good condition
    5.After using it, take off the fixed cover, clean the grinding board with water and place it in an appropriate place after wiping

Car Windscreen Wiper Repair Tool

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