Mini Writing Tablet  - 4.4 inch

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Product Name: LCD Tablet
Color: as shown
Size: 4.4 inches (116 * 86mm) \ 8.5 inches (225 * 145mm)
Applicable people: all people over 3 years old use
Power battery: button battery-2032

This product features:
1. Non-toxic and environmentally friendly and healthy erase board: can be used as early education toys, dictation board, calculation paper, drawing board, message board...
2, no oil, no ink, no dust, pressure painting, one-button removal, environmental protection, health, anti-fall resistance.
3, reuse, save resources, save 10 trees of 10 ages in life, add green to the earth...

Function and function
One: use as a family message board, family messages, family reminders, and can help children learn.
Second: business records of office workers, scheduling work tasks, recording work items and memos, meeting minutes, messages, etc.
Third: As a daily communication tool for deaf and elderly people, deaf people share their ideas through the tablet. Four: As a model for children to learn to write and draw, free to write, draw, graffiti, mathematics, memory words and practice writing.
Future smart tablets will completely replace traditional blackboards and replace traditional paper. This will bring a to the future education industry in China. Traditional classroom blackboards that rely on chalk to write will gradually become history.

1. Use the pen of the electronic tablet to write and draw, and the thickness of the lines produced by different pen pressures is different.
2. Press the Clear button to clear the contents of the tablet. When cleared, the screen will a few times.

Mini Writing Tablet - 4.4 inch

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