Full Face Shield Flip Down Visor  - 5 colours
Product Description
NEW safety anti spittle Protection cover
The new hat can protect the face, mouth, nasal cavity, and other body parts. It will be safer to go out to buy food and go to the supermarket, to take the train etc.
It is necessary to wear the hat during the flu season.
The mask can be used to wipe with disinfectant solution, providing more peace of mind when traveling.

  • Product Details:
     1. Effectively isolate saliva that carrying viruses.
     2.Waterproof and dustproof high quality cotton material.
     3. Hair hoop style: it can not be folded. 
     4 Soft ring style: it can be folded.
     5 Both Head circumference can be adjusted according to your size.
     6 Strong resistance, high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, oil resistance.
     7. Adjustable size suitable for adults and children.
     8. Transparent frame design, wide field of vision, removable,
     9. Can be used outdoors or at work, is the best gift for you and your family and friends.

Full Face Shield Flip Down Visor - 5 colours

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